Passive House near Paris

Architect: Krawitz Architecture
Type: residential – single family residence
Location: Bessancourt, France

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137 Housing by H Arquitectes

Architects: H Arquitectes / David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó
Location: Granollers, Barcelona, Spain
Colaboradores: Anna Bullich, architect, Ramon Anton, technical architect, Jordi Velazquez, structure (MVA, arquitectura y estructura), Otger Sala, geologist (Granollers 2002, estudis geològics, SL), NADICO, engineering, ESTRATS, archeologist
Promotor: Promo E.S. March S.L.
Project Year: 2006-2008
Project Area: 1,086.05 sqm
Photographs: H Arquitectes

The Urban Planning for ‘Plaça de l’Església’ in Granollers intends to regain the role of this square within the old part of town. Our plot is the key factor for the consolidation of this centrality, due to it occupies the space that gives continuity to Barcelona Street and connects with ‘Plaça de la Porxada’. Read the rest of this entry »

Daunay by Atelier du Pont

Architects: Atelier du Pont / Member of the collective PLAN01)
Location: Paris, France
Project Director: Aquilino Torrao
Project Team: Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier, Stéphane Pertisier
Co-contractors: evp Ingénierie, Structural design engineers; Delta Fluides, construction services
General Services: FARC
Project Area: 658 sqm
Budget: 1,380,000 euros
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Luc Boegly

This large block of 8 flats merges smoothly into the heterogeneity of the Impasse Daunay cul-de-sac. Facing the street, the textured glass skin covering the facades pays discreet homage to the glass walls of the artists’ studios in this Père Lachaise neighbourhood. The choice of glass, used here for the facade covering, parapets, transparent partitions for common areas or simply as windows, has an aesthetic appeal in its uniformity of material and stark simplicity in keeping with the project’s general low key approach: just 8 housing units in a little cul-de-sac.

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Chicken Point Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

Architect: Olson Kundig Architects
Project Team: Tom Kundig, FAIA, design principal; Steven Rainville, project architect; Debbie Kennedy, interior designer
Consultants: Turner Exhibits (gizmo fabricator and engineer); Monte Clark Engineering (structural engineering); Moser, Inc. (design/build mechanical system)
Craftspeople: All New Glass (big window); Star Steel (steel structure, bong); Steve Clark (table fabricator, cabinets, beds)
Contractor: MC Construction

The idea for the cabin is that of a lakeside shelter in the woods—a little box with a big window that opens to the surrounding landscape. The cabin’s big window-wall (30 feet by 20 feet) opens the entire living space to the forest and lake. Read the rest of this entry »

Container Studio by Maziar Behrooz Architecture

Architect: Maziar Behrooz Architecture
Project Name: Art Studio
Location: Amagansett, NY
Floor Area: 840 sf
Photography: Dalton Portella and Francine Fleischer

The client needed an art studio close to her house (which we renovated in 2008). Her requirements were for a space of about 700 sf and a stringent budget; and for a simple structure that would be both inviting and reflective. Read the rest of this entry »

Flake House by Olgga Architects

Architects: Olgga Architects
Location: Nantes, France
Client: Le Lieu Unique
Consultants: Home Bois Distribution
Project Area: 22 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Fabienne Delafraye & Olgga Architects

The flake house, a nomadic, road-gauged dwelling, has been conceived to clad the places wherever it lands, as to transpose theses in an unusual vision. A poetical shelter, a “folie”,that merges low-tech and hi-tech. The interior finish is smooth and stripped down as to contrast with the traditional look of the external log cladding.

Created in 2006 for the competition “Petites machines à habiter” held by the CAUE 72, OLGGA’ proposal for this nomadic wooden shelter is based on the concept of the «folie», where the wooden structure is broken in two halves establishing a radical spatial boundary while materializing an unexpected entry sequence. Read the rest of this entry »

Het Kasteel by HVDN

Architects: HVDN
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Project Team: Arie van Der Neut, Albert Herder, Vincent van Der Klei, Monika Pieroth, Pascal Bemelmans
Structural Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer, Vincent van Der Klei
Client: Hopman Interheem Groep Gouda
Project Year: 2004-2008
Budget: € 17.000.000
Photographs: John Lewis MarshallLuuk KramerJean-Pierre Jans

The Science Park is hemmed in between the Flevopark, the neighborhood of the Indische buurt and the Amsterdam-Almere railway line. Until recently, the site was occupied by allotments alongside research institutes and science and technology companies. The allotments are to be replaced by five new residential buildings situated in a park-like environment of restricted traffic speeds. Car-parking is located within the buildings so the area’s appearance is not defined by on-street parking. As ‘Het Kasteel’ (the castle) stands at the entrance to the project, on the west side facing the city, it acts as its calling card. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuath Na Mara by MacGabhann Architects

Architect: MacGabhann Architects
Team Credits: Tarla MacGabhann, Antoin MacGabhann, Niels Merschbrock & Barry Maguire
Completed: 2006-2007
Awards: Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, Public Choice Award
Best house 2008 Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, Irish Architecture Awards 2008
Photographic Credits:
Dennis Gilbert

Standing vigilant over a northern Fjord in Ireland, the Tuath na Mara Residence, by MacGabhann Architectsappears solid as a rock. Zinc clad for resilience, the low slung house blends seamlessly into the heather-covered rocky landscape, its own seams, echoing the strata of surrounding rocks. Contrasting a well hunkered core, the roof line warps and twists upwards like wonderful grey weathered seaweed, revealing the surrounding views to the living areas. Read the rest of this entry »

Turn Point Lodge by Tennent and Brown

Architect Tennent + Brown Architects
Location: Pelourus Sound, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand
Project Year: 2007

Tennent + Brown Architects landed their clients lodge softly in Pelourus Sound. The cozy wood fired lofts and separate living pavilion combine in a perfect self sustained retreat. Photovoltaics, rainwater harvesting and solar concious design combine with modern chic and warehouse like solidity of the steel frame construction. Read the rest of this entry »

Paco De Pombeiro Manor House by Ezzo

Architects: Ezzo
Location: Felgueiras, Portugal
Architect in Charge: César Machado Moreira
Collaborators: Fátima Barroso, Hugo Torres, Carla Barbosa
Project year: 2008
Constructed Area: 200 sqm
Photographs: Joao Ferrand

It’s a project for a rural hotel located in a farm with 10 hectares of land, 90% of which are used as vineyards. The interior of the land contains various previously existent elements. The main building from the XVI century stands out and several little constructions which are very damaged and/or ruins (the house of the home keepers, the pet store and kitchen). Read the rest of this entry »

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